Teaching English as a Foreign Language

We train you to become an ELT Teacher not in 40 hours but in 150 hours with teaching practice in real situations in  real  language schools, with real students sing real syllabi and ELT Books.

We provide  you  with  everything you will need  giving you practical advice  on  how you would manage and control an ELT Class in any part of the world! We make you aware of the methodology and rational behind TEFL. We train you to put into practice the Notional and Functional Approach in TEFL   giving enough  input on the methodology of teaching. Then we observe you and discuss with you ways to improve your performance as an  ELT teacher.

Your  TEFL Certificate is an  internationally recognized and highly respected professional certification which  enhances your job prospects and offer the opportunity to teach in any part of the world you like  combining pleasure with teaching  and earning money.

Teaching English abroad is a wonderful experience and a gateway to meeting people  and  gaining knowledge of other cultures and civilizations. Certainly our Centre in Cyprus is ideal  to  those  seeking the above.

Besides a first- class  TEFL Programme delivered by experienced and highly qualified Language Teaching Trainers , and besides an Internationally recognized and accredited TEFL Certificate our Centre is located in Cyprus:The Pearl of The Mediterranean and Birth Place of Aphrodite,  with so much to offer .

You can visit TEFL webite here:  TEFL Cyprus